Xbox Series S

Excellent Performance

Small in size, big on performance, the Xbox series S, is the smallest Xbox yet, but the company delivers excellent performance. About 60% smaller than the series X but speed and performance, absolutely like it should be, superb.

Next-Gen Xbox for Next-Gen Games

The all-new Xbox goes all-digital, disc-free, providing you with an instant digital game library. Pre-order or pre-install games into your library, your backup, game, backups are safely stored in the cloud. The new Xbox gives you a free monthly pass for the first month, meaning you get 100 games as soon as you get an Xbox.

Speed Redefined

The Xbox Velocity Architecture, backed by a custom SSD, along with the innovative system on a chip (SOC) technology administers gameplay up to 120FPS, as vivid as it gets.

Faster loading

Faster loading time, with custom SSD, games load substantially faster.

Switch Instantaneously

Play more and wait for less, with a quick resume, switch instantaneously between multiple titles and resume where you left off.

3D Spatial Audio

With the 3D spatial audio, immerse yourself into dynamic sound, a revolutionary technology which uses algorithms to give you a lifelike experience.


512 GB of SSD internal storage, but that is not all, expandable storage. The Seagate Storage Expansion Cards plugs into the back of the console through the storage expansion port and simulates the custom SSD, without compromising on the performance.

Instant Share Button

The new controller, has an exquisite design, delightful comfort, and compatibility with multiple Xbox models and pc. Now with the instant share button, you record your moves and show them off to your family and friends. Textured grip and a hybrid D-pad, so you don’t miss your target and play comfortably for hours and hours.


9.6 Total Score
Best Gaming Experience

  • Play more than 300 games with the game pass
  • Frames are smoother than expected
  • Never felt a lag
  • Compatibility is at its best. Unlike series x/ PS 5, it fits anywhere. Easily portable.
  • Makes no noise.
  • The quick resume works fine for the majority of games
  • Storage. Got to delete the completed games which are huge in size just to download any new games.
  • Go for SSD/expansion card if your internet connection is not that good and if you don't have unlimited internet.
  • Not a 4k gaming device. If you are worried about 4k, go for series x/ ps5 and make sure you have a monitor/tv which supports 4k
  • Buy rechargeable batteries/Xbox play and charge kit at your own expense
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